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Healthy Digestive System in Five Steps

Healthy Digestive System in Five Steps

Digestive system is beginning and end of your health. Problems with it have potential to cascade and prone are to domino effect.
Digestion commences in our mouth and good chewing stimulate enzyme production, necessary for further digestion. Below are some simple steps that help us keep our digestive system healthy:

  1. Choose food products as close as possible to their original shape

Refined food commonly used, usually lack nutrition required for stable functioning of our digestive system. Try to take more fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes and integral cereals.

  1. Be physically active

Strong abdominal muscles help healthy digestion. Simple stomach exercise could boost our bowels’ mobility. Jogging or brisk walk lead us to the same goal.

  1. Use herbal medicine, medicinal plants

Usually we reach for mint or chamomile tea. It is important to find out what suits you best. For me that is ginger. It instantly sooths my stomach trouble. Have you tried coriander oil which regulates our bowels’ function and rid us of gasses? Or maybe dandelion leaf, the best for digestive system detoxification?

  1. Find your moment of peace and tranquility

Mental and physical health is inseparable. Stress is a silent killer of our time. Though we cannot avoid stress, we can modify our reaction to it. Find your own way to switch off and relax.

  1. Sometimes we need to resort to added probiotics and enzymes

Digestive trouble sometimes occurs in spite of all our care. That could be caused by travelling, scarcity of fresh fruits and vegetables over the winter period or by an infection. If that happens, don’t hesitate to take probiotics and enzymes.