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Six Triggers of Candidiasis

Six Triggers of Candidiasis

Many fungal bacteria live in our body, including Candida Albicans. Her presence in small concentrations is normal in mouth, bowels and on skin.

If your gut bacteria balance is lost or immune system weaken, Candida goes into an overgrowth and Candidiasis is developed.

Usual triggers of Candidiasis are:

  1. Antibiotics – Though they are known as terminators of pathogen bacteria which cause diseases, it also destroy some ‘’good’’ bacteria. That’s why the use of antibiotics should be restricted in scope, dosage and time. They should be also used in tandem with probiotics to save the gut bacterial balance, hence fend of Candida.
  2. Food reach in multi refined products and sugars – organisms like Candida need carbon based compounds to obtain energy (glucose, fructose, sucrose) which is used for::
  1. a) multiplication and cell wall formation
  2. b) conversion into pathological, fungal form
  3. c) biofilm formation (protect Candida from our immune system)

Današnja ishrana koja je puna višetruko preradjenih, rafinisanih proizvoda pogodi nekontrolisanom razmnožavanju Kandide.

  1. Alcohol overconsumption – it could erode digestive system and lead to a gut bacteria imbalance and overgrowth of Candida which uses alcohol as a source of energy.
  2. Contraceptive pills – estrogen they contain boost fungal overgrowth. Copper from contraceptive spirals has same affect.
  3. Diabetes – those suffering from diabetes are more likely to suffer from Candida for      1.) high glucose level in blood stream and 2.) weaker immune system
  4. Stress  – for: 1.) cortisol level increased by stress leads to an increased level of glucose in blood stream  and 2.) stress causes gut bacteria imbalance


All in all, protecting gut bacterial balance protects our immunity and vice versa.