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Weight loss and science

Weight loss and science

After you recognize your body weight is excessive, it is time for eating habits regime change and start of physical exercise.

You heard many times of magic diets and easy exercise that bring wonders. Somehow, that happens to someone else..

When instructions and advices coming your way are supported by scientific proof, it is easier to understand reasons behind them and follow them. Through your own example you will find out if they are applicable in your very case.

Advice supported by science


  1. Weight lifting three times a week

Word of science: 
this way you boost calorie burn out and prevent metabolism slow down typical for reduction in calorie intake. Weight lifting while on reduced carbohydrate intake, help slimming while firming your muscles.


  1. More proteins


Word of science: Proteins stimulate metabolism and reduce probability of overeating. As they influence the appetite, they tend to reduce calorie intake.


  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables


Word of science: It is reach in nutrition. Diet rich in fruits and veggies is unlikely to negatively influence carbohydrate and calorie intake while on slimming diet.


  1. Avoid food rich in starch and added sugars 

Word of science: Reduction in starch and added sugars leads to less craving and better control of calorie intake. Getting rid of this type of food which converts quickly to energy, forces body to burn body fat in order to provide required energy.