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Influence of daily diet on advance of Candida albicans

Influence of daily diet on advance of Candida albicans

“Candida Diet” (CD) suppresses the advance of this fungal infection and restores the gut bacteria balance.

One of the main causes of gastrointestinal dysbiosis and fungal overgrowth is diet rich in refined sugars and refined and fast food in general. This not only boosts advance of Candida, but also causes inflammation processes within our body, leading to an impaired functioning of our gastrointestinal system.  


Relief of Candida overgrowth symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, nausea, gas, cramps, bloating, fungal infections and tiredness comes with restoration of gut bacteria balance.


Around 100 trillion microorganisms live in our body, which is three times as many as total of human cells we have!


It’s been known for quite some time that health of our gastrointestinal system affects digestion immunity, metabolism of glucose in our blood stream as well as health of our heart. There is also an undeniable relation between health of our guts and mental health.


Candida Diet is meant to improve the health of our digestive system, reduce inflammations and boost immunity.


This type of diet is based on total exclusion of products with added sugar and inflammation triggers like gluten and refined products. It includes non starch vegetables, fruit with low sugar content, non gluten cereals, fermented products and lean meet as chicken and fish.

Candida Diet is designed to provide optimal and healthy nutrition as well as reduce concentration of Candida in our system and therefore reduce inflammatory processes.