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Change your habits in 8 steps

Change your habits in 8 steps

We exposed to an enormous number of food related information. Some of that is easy to follow and make sense, some doesn’t. When it comes to changing our deeply rooted and often not so healthy habits, most of us are subconsciously looking for an excuse to give up. Following peace of advice may help you overcome the tendency and hurdles:

  1. Avoid strict diets – They may produce the opposite effect. The name of the game is: moderation and variety
  2. Think positive – Chance to succeed are diminished if you think only limits, barriers, prohibition, must not. Allow yourself to moderately indulge in ‘’forbidden fruits’’
  3. Follow ‘’the rules’’ even when travel – when travelling, usually the last thing we think about is diet and control. That we end up stuffing ourselves with fast food and sweets. Upon return home, it is more difficult to return to normal. Try to keep up your good routine even when travelling:

Carry enough water with you

Prepare snacks – Fresh fruit, nuts, sandwich. That way avoid overeating and purchase of products you normally skip.

Sleep enough – when sleepy- more nibbles


  1. Eat food as close as possible to it’s original shape – Choosing refined food, inevitable means more sugar, more fat, more salt. More nutrition is in original, unmodified food. Using natural products while cooking, we are in control of additives.
  2. Listen to your body 
  3. Find your own way – everyone is different and you need to learn your own specifics.
  4. Be patient – improving health and losing weight take time. Be realistic about goals and timing.
  5. Be aware of your abilities and trust yourself – it doesn’t take a Michelin star chef to prepare simple, healthy and tasty meal. Stock up on food easy to use: fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, lean meat, tuna cans and sardines. Keep it simple and healthy!